"I was so turned on and so invested in the clip that it was the most intense wank and most incredible orgasm I have ever had."

Getting Inside Her Head Goes Too Deep


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19 April 2018

It’s just another day on the beat, just a quick check into a local household for a perpetrator known for criminal activity.  She doesn’t appear to be home so… I’ll have a look around.  What a dump… what a life this woman must live.  Poor thing, I almost feel sorry for her.  She must be desperate: no family, no money, selling herself on the streets.

I need to figure out a way to get in her head a bit, see if I can determine where she might be now and what she may be up to.  Ah, these trashy clothes left on the ground will do.  If I put them on, I know I can get into her own mind and possibly discover just what she’s up to…. I’ll be showing off my detective skills soon enough!