“You’re really beautiful and I think I’m totally addicted to your videos now!”

"You're really beautiful and I think I'm totally addicted to your videos now!"

FINALLY! It’s Our Honeymoon


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13 August 2019

Finally!! It’s our sweet, sweet wedding night we’ve been waiting so long for. I’ve been working toward this moment for the entire few months that I’ve known you, since the day you hired me and welcomed me into your lovely home.

I’ve worked so hard… taking care of your poor, weak heart, giving you something – just enough – to live for. I’ve been teasing you, so well, so hard, all this time, because… I wanted YOU to want ME as badly as I wanted… to marry you.

And look at us now! Look at me, with the big fat ring!!! It’s all come down to this night. Everything’s in place and now, I want you to have the BEST ORGASM OF YOUR LIFE.

I know just how to ensure that… I’m going to tease you even more. You’re going to come so hard that… I have reason to celebrate. Tee hee hee.