"Mind-blowing acting and presence of mind.. like the most realistic acting I have seen in my life!!"

What If You Woke Up in My Gorgeous Body…


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23 August 2018

You fall unconscious in a haze of desire and sexual excitement: the hottest MILF you’ve ever seen right there at your fingertips, taking you home with her, and lusting after you just as much as you are her…  You wake alone.  You don’t even remember if you got to fuck her or not.

Where’d she go??  And why do your clothes feel so tight…  There’s only a handwritten letter laying beside you.  “Hello, Gorgeous!” it reads…

“So sorry for the surprise… I’ve been looking for the perfect male specimen: young, strong, so much of life ahead of him.  You should be flattered!  Your body’s perfect for my needs and now, I get to live the rest of your life with every possibility ahead of me.  Men earn more, are treated with respect, and you’re not called a slut just because you like to have sex!  Unfortunately, now YOU will be!  Enjoy my sexy body!”  Signed: Tara