"You are wonderful, Tara, and as long as you are making videos I will continue to support you."

Double-Booked at the Sperm Clinic


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22 December 2020

This is… this just never happens and… I’m SO SORRY. I… I’ve double-booked you two, both of you for the same appointment.

I can’t… well, the truth is that I’ve already been reprimanded by my supervisor. There’s a Christmas rush for cash on… high demand… things are CRAZY around here and… I goofed! Oops! hee hee hee

So, I just need BOTH of you to just keep your shared appointment, in this same room together, and… I will make it worth your while. You don’t need the magazines, I’ll… provide the, uh, “stimulation.”

Just… PROMISE that you won’t file any complaint or… Okay, GREAT!!!

Okay, I need you both to remove your clothes and… would it help if I just remove myself from my bra and… let’s get down to business. hee hee