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Don’t Sympathize? Then, YOU Are Carrying This Baby!


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4 September 2012

Oh, think this is funny, do you? Being subjected to my former feminine job, lowly pay, and even my menstrual cycle wasn’t enough for you? Still don’t understand what women go through that YOU men just couldn’t handle yourselves? Not even after I swapped my thin arms for your big biceps and stole your height itself??

Okay, if you make fun of my swelling, bloating, cramping, appetite, or size just one more time, I’m going to have to make this the WORST day of your life!! I’m going to make YOU carry this child you impregnated me with. I’m going get my slim fit figure back, get my professional job back, and watch you moan and whine and waddle around with your stomach skin stretched taut, your breasts sagging, and your nipples permanently, painfully erect! Just dare me!!

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