“Just recently stumbled onto you and I’m glad I have. You’re just on a completely different level.”

"Just recently stumbled onto you and I'm glad I have. You're just on a completely different level."

Coming After You with My Gorgeous Breasts to Swipe Your Cum and Cash


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11 August 2014

Oh, today’s the day! I know you just got paid, I know you have a huge load of hard cash in your hand right now, and I even know you’re hiding it all from me. What? Do you think you can actually resist? Did you think I’d forget that it’s payday? Do you actually believe I won’t be able to find you even if you’re avoiding me?

Well, you thought wrong, my very predictable friend. I’m coming after you… with my BREASTS! I know you can’t resist… I know you’re butter in my hands, melting head to toe right between my fingers, as soon as you lay eyes on my enormous, earth-shattering rack.

Aw, but how long has it’s been since you’ve seen these tits? Don’t you want a little peek? Don’t you want a small ounce of enjoyment in your otherwise dreary and dull day? Don’t you secretly, truthfully WANT me to find you? Of course you do!

I’m coming for you… and your cash… and though I’m going to make you work for a bit of it (if you can knock the cash out of my cleavage with your cum spray, I’ll let you keep some), you’re going to come SO easily, especially as I allow you to see everything your dick is begging to…