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This Time, You’re Not Coming before the End of My Video


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8 March 2018

Oh, yes.  I know what you’ve been up to… what you HAVEN’T been doing.  I have to make sure you’re not actually coming BEFORE the end of my videos… ARE you??  No, no, no… you’re ruining all the fun.  You MUST listen to me and do as I say.  I think you’ve been chickening out… or getting too turned on.

Oh, don’t blame me for that one.  You’re supposed to control yourself.  Now, it’s time for you to do this the RIGHT way.  I’m going to tease and coax you, lay it on thick, and make you feel guilty for coming too soon all the other times.  Oh, yes.  I’m going to work you to the edge and then have you lie back with your legs over your head… just in case.

You’re going to indulge in 20 slowly counted strokes while I’m talking seriously sexily dirty to you and using my body to drive you absolutely mad.  If you come too soon, you’ll be giving yourself a warm, wet facial.    If you resist coming during that teasing torment… well then you get to come all over ME…. maybe.