"Before I discovered you the best orgasm a actually girl give me was about half a tablespoon, with you it's a pint glass worth and then some."

Meet the Divorce Specialist and Her Huge Breasts


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15 November 2009

Ugh. Another meeting your soon-to-be ex-wife has set up for you. You’re just going along with it knowing the divorce hearing is finally presented before the judge next week, and all of this hassle will be over. Your wife will be out of your life for good, and since you’ve been a remarkably perfect husband, the entire fortune you’ve worked so long and so hard to accrue will be preserved in your name and your name only. At last!

Just one more meeting before the hearing next week… should be entirely routine. What is a “divorce specialist” anyway? Looks like you’re about to find out… and what a pleasant little meeting this is gonna be. You notice this woman’s knock out set of titties at your very first glimpse…

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