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How Tightly Would You Hold onto Your Money if I Just Accidentally Unbuttoned My Blouse Right Now?


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19 May 2017

Hello there… what? You don’t think I’d stop by just to see you? Oh, you know how much I adore you… and your money. I can’t help it if I can smell it a mile away: all that hot cash. Are you going to hand it over to me? Why not let me just alleviate the trouble it causes you. Let me free you of it.

Oh, come on. Don’t act like you want me to leave. Why even say the words? We both know what you really want. It’s written all over your face. We both know that the moment I allow my plentiful cleavage to just spill out of my silky blouse, you’re going to give in and give me everything you’ve got. So… why waste out time? Oh… gosh… it is SO hot in here… and my blouse… it’s just so… TIGHT.

See how it stretches and strains across my big bust? I should relieve it, shouldn’t I? I mean, what if these buttons were to just… SNAP right off?? We can’t let that happen, can we? No, I better just… yes, that’s right. Oh, oh, oh! Oh, look what’s spilled out! So much cleavage!

Oh, what are you going to do now? Oh, you can’t take your eyes off, can you?? No, you HAVE to look… you have to watch… you have to take it all in and then… well, your money just slips from your fingers, doesn’t it. Yes… and now that I’m paid, you deserve to come.

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