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Coercing Agent 007 into Divulging the Secret Codes


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13 February 2010

Why, James, so nice of you to join us. I’ve been waiting to meet you for some time now. It’s too bad that it must be under these circumstances. You were a difficult one to catch. Now, look at you…. all tied up and groggy. Let’s get down to business. There’s something I want from you, something I need in order to obtain the power and control I deserve.

All I need is for you to reveal a few little numbers to me… just the secret codes for emptying the banks throughout the globe. It’s very easy. There’s no need to make this difficult. I think you’ll play nice. It seems you’ve already given my men a hard time. Now, it’s time for me to get the job done. I’m going to break your willpower, Mr. Bond.

You see, I’ve injected you with a serum that will prove lethal should you ejaculate. That’s right. And my… you already have a hard-on. I always did assume you must be gifted with an impressive member… and I know you have a taste for women. Your resistance is completely futile…