“Your videos are epic. You can tell some real thought has gone into making them, and they’re so fucking hot.”

"Your videos are epic. You can tell some real thought has gone into making them, and they're so fucking hot."

Give Up the Info, and I Won’t Hurt You… Maybe


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7 August 2015

WAKE UP! This isn’t a vacation. No, no, no… seeing you scream in pain turns ME on. This is MY vacation! Now, let’s get down to business. You have something that I want. And I have… something you definitely don’t want! So, give up your real name and the confidential password or I WILL blast you with my electro torture device… which is already connected to your testicles. Ha ha!

You will NOT sleep… you will NOT eat… you will NOT have any comforts or reprieve until I get what I want. DO… YOU… UNDERSTAND?! Good. Then, let’s just test out the electric connection. What’s your name? Oh, I knew you wouldn’t give it to me… BZZZZZZZ Oh, look at you! All writhing and helpless! Change your mind yet? How about NOW!? BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Now? BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Okay, you’re not going to live through much more of this. Your teeth are chattering, your balls are blistered, and you look… well, pretty fucked up. You know I’m just loving this. I’m positively broiling with arousal now! Give up the info!

Oooh, I didn’t know you’d give it up that easy. Eager to get back to your wife and kids? Well, who’s to say I need to untie you at all, now that I have what I want? I’m going to electrocute you to your end. Wait.. what’s that? Oh, you’re begging for your life now? Really? Well… I’ll make a deal with you… more like, play a game with you. If you can complete three tasks to my satisfaction, I’ll let you live and go free.

First, you’re going to suck on my sweaty toes fresh out of my high heels. I’m going to stuff them in your face and that tongue and mouth of yours better do a good job! Second, I’m going to bare my ass to you, pull down my panties, and you’re going to lick my ass crack, stuffing your face right between my cheeks. Third, IF you succeed in those cleaning tasks, I’m going to release your cock and work it with my manipulative hands. If you can resist coming, this entire ordeal will be over and your life spared. …but I sincerely doubt you can actually prevent that cock of yours from bursting when confronted with MY body. Oh, and I’m going to LOVE finally masturbating before you and making myself come while I increase the voltage and shock you to your final moments!