"Again, I say, 'Thank you.' I hope that you know that you do bring a ray of sunshine to the lives of us lonely guys."

Good Agent, Bad Agent


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11 April 2019

It’s easy… ALL you have to do is confess… to the crime I know you didn’t commit.  What does it matter that I’m a bent agent, easily paid by one of your enemies to line up a false file on you.  You’re already in detainment, handcuffed in isolation, and all eyes are on you now.  Just admit to the crime on tape.  Now.

Oh, it’s obvious that you find me incredibly attractive… it’s so very easy to tease you with my body alone, regardless of the threats coming out of my mouth.  The intertwined dirty talk really has you confused now… your cock is betraying you.  You can barely keep your head together when faced with this ass and deep cleavage.

What?  You didn’t expect me to just grab your cock like this?  To stroke you like this?  I don’t ALWAYS play the bad agent… I can be very good too.  No, no, no… you don’t get me to finish you off without a confession.