"No woman has ever stimulated me like you can. When I'm watching you I legitimately feel like I'm under some sort of beautiful spell. Please keep up what you're doing, you're absolutely amazing."

My Son Caught Me; Then, He Wanted to Watch


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28 September 2021

It’s been a rough day… the usual, at the office, and it’s soooo wonderful to be home. And alone. The pressure’s off. I get to RELAX. I need to unwind and somehow…

I begin to reminisce about simpler times, when the most relaxing, wonderful thing in the world was just getting off, by myself, in my own room. Me and my pillow, my fingers, my breasts, my panties, my pussy.

What can I say? I got caught up in the moment, a wonderful daydream of multiple-orgasm heaven. Nothing more perfect in the world.

Then, my son suddenly showed up. Standing there. Staring at me. And everything changed. Except the orgasms. Maybe they were even better.