"I never really comment on any kind of videos I stumble upon on the web, but in your case you actually fulfilled all my fantasies, as you promised."

So, You Like to Play in Your Mother’s Panty Drawer…


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25 July 2017

What’s that sound?  What in the world is my son up to NOW?!

HOW DARE YOU!!  What are you doing in my panty drawer?!  My son’s a pervert!!

I could tell you off, berate you, find some sort of punishment for you but… I have a better idea.  Leave the room, and wait for me to call you back in….

That’s right.  THIS is the outfit I wear for YOUR FATHER.  WHEN WE FUCK.  Like it?  Is that what you think about when you mess around in my dresser drawer and fondle your own mother’s panties?!

Now, you’re going to pick out my sexiest pair of panties… then stroke your cock with them… while your mother is dressed like a slut in front of you and I’m telling you all the sex positions your dad and I enjoy together.  Can you guess who’s the dominant one?

And… want to guess WHO is going to clean my panties after you come in them?  YES!!  And you’re going to do it in your MOUTH.