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You’ve Lost the Bet; Now, It’s Time to Carry Out Your Punishment


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1 November 2018

Well, why did you make the bet with me in the first place if you weren’t willing to carry out your end of the bargain when you lost!  Ha!  Oh, come on.  It’s fun, right?  If you’d won, you were going to force me to prance around in a little French maid’s outfit and clean the house for you all weekend… and who knows what else!  And I would’ve stuck to our deal… without whining about it.

And now, you’re afraid of a little pair of new pantyhose you discovered waiting on the bed for you??  Now, you ARE going to shave your legs for me, put on a pair of panties, AND these hose… and do whatever other tasks my sneaky little mind can come up with.  It’s all in good fun!  Oh, I’m giggling all the way through!

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