"What separates you from other people who make taboo vids, is your creativity in the scenarios you give. I love all of the naughty things you say, and you leave us wanting more and more taboo situations."

Just Fulfilling My Parental Responsibilities for My Overdeveloped StepSon


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25 January 2022

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Ah, now, don’t be embarrassed. I’m your stepmother! This is just a medical procedure. Think of it this way. The doctor said that you, um, well, you have an overdeveloped penis… yes, and your testicles are enormous and engorged with too much semen. It’s a matter of your own health that you ejaculate at least several times a day… he says so!!

I just can’t get over how big you are… I had no idea. Your balls are… like lead weights! We need to release you right now… and, as your stepmother, I will take responsibility for your care. Looks like I have to use BOTH hands to do this… the doctor says you have been overstimulated… do you know what he can possibly mean by that?? I mean, you and I are just home alone together since you’ve been back… I do my morning exercises… clean the house… take my shower and… how could that be such a problem environment for you??

Oh, dear… how am I going to absorb the mess you make?? I know it will be torrential!! I just… oh, I’ll just have to take it in my mouth… if I can gulp it all down without drowning!! Oh, hi, honey! You’re home early… I was just… well, I’ll have to explain to you what the doctor says about your son.

You see, he’s going to need some regular release… for all the pressure… you see, he’s ENORMOUS! I’m going to have him sleep in the big bed with me… so I can help him whenever his erection appears throughout the day. In fact… he’s growing again now. We’re going to have intercourse this time… much less messy!