“I got several of your videos last week, I haven’t gotten through them yet, because I keep coming before it’s over.”

"I got several of your videos last week, I haven't gotten through them yet, because I keep coming before it's over."

Following Doctor’s Orders to Cope with the Growing Demands of My Overdeveloped StepSon


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29 November 2022

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We absolutely must make an appointment with the doctor.  I just don’t know how to handle my stepson’s constantly erupting cock anymore.  It’s growing larger, needier, and even though I’ve done absolutely everything the doctor so expertly guided me to do, it seems the problem is growing worse rather than better.  I don’t want him to worry… I know it’s not his fault.  As his stepmother, I must do absolutely everything I can to take care of the needs of his body and his… condition.

I mean, I wouldn’t know what it feels like to be a growing young man with an overdeveloped cock!  He must be so frightened and so uncomfortable all the time.  Now, we’re going to solve this once and for all.  The doctor will know what to do; I’ll tell him all about the problems we’re having, the neediness of my stepson’s huge cock.  I’ll explain how I never know when his erection is going to come on, how it starts, or why he gets spontaneously turned on all the time.

In fact, when it starts to grow in his pants right there in the doctor’s office while I’m just unbuttoning my blouse a bit to cool down, I just have to get on my knees right there and then and tend to my stepson’s needs!  At least I have the doctor to look to for advice as he looks on with a professional eye.  I feel so much better having him watch me tend to my stepson and guide me.  And although I’ve never done such a thing in my life, I know it’s necessary for the doctor to instruct me to practice on a dildo right there in his office.

But why does my stepson get an enormous erection AGAIN while I’m in the middle of my cock sucking lesson???  After teasing, licking, and filling my throat with that dildo at doctor’s orders… and he even says I must remove my blouse and squeeze my breasts to help quicken my stepson’s ejaculation or I might damage my poor mouth with prolonged and frequent oral sex… I just don’t know what to do anymore.  Thankfully, the doctor’s right there with us to immediately instruct me to try having my son take me from behind…