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Boredom Leads to Transforming You into a Big Balloon and My New Plaything


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25 August 2010

Ho hum… you’re doing it again… BORING ME!! You’re not fun anymore. Nothing’s fun anymore. I think it’s time that I take control of things and MAKE things fun. Well, make YOU fun.

Don’t you want to be my plaything? Cuddled and touched and toyed with all day long? Then, come here… let me work my magic. I’ll think of something excellent, something creative, something entirely FUN!! ….I’m going to turn you into a bright, bouncing balloon!! Oh, YAY!!! It’s so much more fun to be able to bounce you in the air… up, down, up, down, high and higher above me!!

oooh, am I making you dizzy? Well, stop complaining or I’m going to have to sit on you… *squish* Oooh, now THIS is fun!! Am I smothering your little balloon face?? Oh, you now you like it! ha ha! Now, what should I do with you next… wanna play hide-and-go-seek???

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