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My Transforming Beauty and Potent Wine Intoxicate You with Omnipotent, Omnisexual Desire


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7 September 2017

Returning from an overseas business trip, I’m a mousy corporate drone excited to share the celebration of the deal I just secured with you, my boss.  I’ve invited you up to my hotel room to discuss our success and offer you a celebratory drink.  What you don’t know is how much I’ve changed while I’ve been gone.  I’m no longer that shy wallflower; I’m no longer lacking sexual appeal or prowess.  I’ve tasted the sweet, magical wine you’re about to drink up.

I’ve only had one bottle myself; I’ll reveal to you just how much I’ve changed and how sexually energized I am now while you drink YOUR first bottle.  By then, it will be so easy to seduce you into opening your second bottle.  Swallow by swallow, I’ll encourage you to drink and drink… and then I’ll reveal the changes you’ve just caused to begin in your own body!  You grow more soft, sexual, feminine… and highly eroticized.  Your every thought, your every whim, all taboos go out the window.

Yes, I don’t even know what drinking a second bottle will do to you… but I’m going to convince you to promise to down the third.  Yes, you’re going to release your cock, you’re going to be seduced by me, you’re going to come with me in a great, glorious orgasmic moment… and as you finish your third bottle of intoxicating wine, I’ll reveal just how you’ve just made fantasy a reality for yourself.  Are you watching a video or really living this moment with me?  The wine dictates fantasy and reality are one.

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