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Blow, Blow, Blowing Up a Big Balloon Party!


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26 August 2009

Look what I have! A brand new bag filled with sexy black rubber balloons for me to blow up! I want to fill the entire room with balloons! I want to create balloon heaven! I’m going to have a big, BIG balloon party, and YOU are especially invited.

I’m all dressed up for the occasion and ready to blow, blow, and blow until I have tons of sexy bouncing balloons to play with. I’m going to toss them up in the air, bounce them off my tits, and keep blowing up more and more until my little mouth just can’t blow anymore. Then, I’m going to pump all the more balloons with my air pump. Hear the air swishing into the new balloons, stretching them to the limit?

Then, I’m going to blow up more with my mouth and then… well, just wait until you see the balloon party that awaits!