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Tricking You into Believing Its Your Own Choice to Be My Balloon Play Toy for Life


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22 April 2011

Oh, come on. It won’t hurt a bit. I… uh…. I promise! hee hee hee It’ll just be for a minute. It’ll feel REALLY good! All you have to do is sit there, and I’ll do the rest…

Don’t you want to be turned into a big, fat, rubber balloon filled with my hot breath?? Don’t you want to see what it feels like to bounce and float, expand from your insides out, and be my play toy? I’ll change you right back afterward.

I just want you to experience something really special. You’re going to be able to see what it’s like to BE just like this balloon I have in my hands… just like the one you’ve just watched me blow up before your very eyes. Just relax… and I’ll give you the experience of a lifetime!