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Big Sister Has a Trick Up Her Sleeve


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26 October 2011

Oh, my adorable little sibling has come home with a giant booty of chocolate Halloween candy! What a stupid costume… but your stash of goodies looks yummy! Mind if I eat some now? Ha! …like I even have to ask you! I’m the oldest; I’m the boss of you!

Now, get that pathetic look off your face. You can have your candy back… IF you do exactly as I say. Know how I’m going to embarrass you THIS time?? Oh, young one, you’re going to pull out your little dicky for me and wank it for your candy!! Can you do that in front of me? Embarrass yourself like that? Expose yourself like that? Whip it while I watch?

How badly do you want your trick-or-treat chocolates? I could eat it all before you even come! No, wait, I need one of my hands… for filming you do it!!!

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