"Your ability to be combine a playful elegance with a subtle naughty sexiness is what every man hopes to find in his woman."

The Summer You’ll Never Forget


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9 May 2019

What a summer you’re having, playing in the pool with your cousins, under my care for the entire summer.  In fact, you’re having TOO much fun.  My daughters don’t feel comfortable around you when you’re popping an erection as you all splash around together.

I may be your aunt… and you may be old enough for college, but I won’t hesitate to punish you when my daughters’ comfort is at stake.  And don’t think I haven’t noticed how you’ve stared at our bare feet all summer long.  It’s time that you and I have a talk when your cousin’s discovered that mess you’ve made in bed when doing the laundry.

I’m not upset, just concerned… even sweet and tender about it all.  But you must also take me seriously.  This summer, we’re going to modify your very behavior with a daily routine of repeat milking, spanking, and taking away your privilege of wearing any clothes… My daughters have been given permission to punish you as well, as they see fit.  We can all use a foot boy for the house.

But first, you’re going to empty those balls in front of me while I encourage you to relieve yourself into the toilet, and then, of course, the remainder of the new rules revealed while I spank you.