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Be a Good Boy, and Promise Never to Lift My Skirt Again


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3 May 2022

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Oooh! Did you just lift up my skirt? Hee hee hee Did you just see mom’s skimpy, revealing lingerie? I bet you’ve never seen anything quite like thong panties and a garter belt before, have you? Oh, my blouse just popped open while I was trying to push down my skirt again! Oh, my! I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean for you to see all that!

Gosh, you must have been just standing there all mesmerized by my shapely legs, stockings, and sexy high heels, which pushed you right over the edge. Oh, and now it looks like my boy’s popped a boner. I’m so sorry, sweetie! I don’t want you to have those painful blue balls all day… why don’t you just let me undo your pants! Oh, don’t play shy; you know I’ve seen it all before. Remember, when I used to bathe you and dress you when you were younger? Besides, turnabout is fair play… you’ve seen right up my skirt… AND all my feminine assets. Now, I get to see what kind of equipment my boy’s grown up with. hee hee hee

Mmmm, you do have a nice cock for such a young man! Now, I want you to wrap your hand around it and stroke it for me. I’ll get you nice and excited so you can blow a nice hot load. Let’s see… who do you want me to be? That cute young girl in class wearing a short skirt? Oooh, don’t you want to see my skirt get shorter and shorter, like this?? Or do you want me to be your schoolteacher with big beautiful tits to entice you and my skirt blown straight up by the wind! Oh, look how my garters decorate my shapely ass… when you come, you can see my nipples…