"You are the only performer I could think of who could do this successfully and make it actually sound and look realistic."

StepMom’s Obedient Panty Lover Pops a Big Load


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30 September 2016

Now, quit giving me trouble.  I’m tired of putting up with you.  Do you want me to tell your dad that you’re giving me a hard time.  I just want some peace and quiet while I shop.  What do you think of these lacy panties?  Oh, you wouldn’t know.  It’s not like you’re ever going to see a woman’s lingerie anyway.

Oh, these are nice… I love the animal print… oh, and I love this shade of red!  I do love a hot thong… and these delicate little ribbons are so pretty… what?!  Did you just get an erection in the lingerie store?!?  ha ha ha!  Well, look at you.  Are you hot for women’s lingerie?  Do you have one of those… “fetishes” for panties??  You do!

What if I just swing this delicate little pair in your face.  Oh, your cock just twitched!  Oh, I know your dirty little secret now!  This is going to be fun.  Wait… do you play with MY panties at home?  You better not!

Hmmm… do you actually fantasize about what kind of panties I’m wearing?  Well, do you see any panty lines on my tight pencil skirt?  hee hee  We’re going to the dressing room.  Yes, right now.  I know what I want you to do with this pair of panties, and you’re now going to do everything I say… or I’ll tell your dad about your perversion!

I bet you DO fantasize about your stepmom in her panties… I know just how to make you pop your load… oh… um… that’s a rather nice sized cock you have…

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