"I love the way you play to the camera.How close you come and gaze into my eyes. OH GOD that's good."

Aversion Therapy Session 5: You’re Late!


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3 July 2009

There you are! It’s about time. Now, come on in, and have a seat. We’re starting our session very late this afternoon. Now, why is that? No, no excuses.

I want to see you start to take your therapy much more seriously. It is very important that you understand the gravity of your condition as well as the absolute necessity for your complete focus and attention on our sessions together. Now, remove your pants and under garments.

Take note of the glass of ice cold water setting on the table beside you as well. It may be necessary to use it at the end of our session. Now, we must absolutely get started this moment. Just start stroking… Faster! We have little time to work with!

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