"Please never stop. I'll never stop being a fan. You are by far the best in the business and I'll never stop watching."

Aversion Therapy Session 2: Time to Choose to Come or Be Caged


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11 June 2009

Oh, you’ve arrived early. Very good. I’m very eager to hear if your “condition” of chronic masturbation reared its ugly head during the past week since you were last in my office. Did you attempt to tamper with your chastity cage and satisfy your urges? I hope you were more mature and focused on your improvement than that. I would really like to be able to chart your marked progress in our continuing sessions together over the coming weeks.

Now, let’s not waste any time during our second session together. Have a seat, and drop your pants. Remember, it’s absolutely key that you follow my every direction and masturbate exactly how I say and when. As our session this afternoon comes to a close, you’ll be given a very important choice to make: either decide NOT to ejaculate, and I will reattach and lock your chastity cage for the week OR decide you must relieve yourself and you MUST come exactly how and when I say at the end of a long countdown.

Of course, I will be very disappointed if you choose to ejaculate and will promptly issue punishment for you to carry out…