"I think it would be fair to say that you've earned a place in the hall of fame/hall of compulsions of my sexual psyche that no one else can ever take over."

Aversion Therapy Session 1: Testing Your Ability to Follow Direction


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5 June 2009

Have a seat please. I am Dr. Tainton, your psychiatrist who will be conducting your weekly sessions here in the clinic. I understand you’re suffering from a case of chronic masturbation. Rest assured, I have seen many cases similar to yours and have no doubt that we will be able to cure you of your condition through our regularly scheduled sessions.

Now, it is extremely important that you attend each and every one of your weekly sessions over the course of approximately 10 weeks. You must be punctual, attentive, and very serious about your recovery process. It is also imperative that you follow my every instruction and guidance issued in order to ensure that you make notable progress week to week, which I will be charting as we go along.

Okay, then. Let’s get started with your introductory session. Please remove your pants and underwear, place your hands upon your cock, and demonstrate how you are in the habit of masturbating when the urge overcomes you.

Hmmmm… now, what are you thinking about while you do this? I see… Now, pay careful attention to my direction. It is absolutely necessary that you ejaculate at precisely the moment that I direct you to and the key to our success over the coming weeks. I’m going to begin the countdown for you…