“You're a beautiful gift to me & are a stand out above the mundane ranks that flood the market, I return to you time & again without tiring. Thank you for sharing yourself.”

Aversion Therapy Session 3: Bringing You to the Edge and Beyond


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19 June 2009

Hmmm… it seems your chastity device has been tampered with during the past week since our last session together. Did you actually break the rules and masturbate outside of this office?

I have to say that I’m very disappointed in you. I’m going to have to score your progress at a much lower mark than in your first two sessions. However, the road to your overcoming your condition of chronic masturbation is full of many bumps and upsets along the way. I hope I will be able to chart your improved progress over the coming weeks and our future sessions together.

Now, let’s not waste any time. I have a new masturbation technique, increased speed, and lots of starting and stopping to challenge you with before our time is up this afternoon. Please remove your pants, and ensure your shirt is left on. I hope you’ll choose not to cum at the end of our session and avoid the punishment I have in mind for you.