"Even fantasies I'm not into, I've bought because you where in it. It's a shame no one else out there seems to know what you do cause at the moment you have no competition."

Aversion Therapy Session 9: Testing Your Temptation and Pain Tolerance


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31 July 2009

Hi, there. Now, how has your week been? Really? No temptation, no slip-ups, no masturbation? I’m so proud of you. I’m very impressed by your progressive trend. Yes, very happy with your results and skills learned at this point. So, let’s get started with today’s session!

I have yet another big challenge for you today. It’s waiting for you beneath my long coat… Now, note that sandpaper laying on the table next to you. Keep that in mind, and hopefully, you will not be using it. That is, if you choose not to at the end of our session. It’s time to begin…

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