"I think my main thought having rediscovered your art is: most people are... boring. You aren't."

Auntie Is Here for Both of You, Whenever You Need the Special Treatment


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4 May 2021

Oh, my poor nephew! Here you are, all drowsy in a hospital bed… how do you feel? Are you okay?

You poor thing. Well, your brother and mom went home for a rest, and Auntie is here to stay with you and keep you company, okay?

Yes… what’s on your mind? Of course, I can answer any questions for you. About your appendicitis or…. OH. A SEX QUESTION. hee hee hee

Well, yes, I’ll answer whatever you like and… well, we have to be EXTRA specially careful — there are so many people around! — but I can demonstrate something for you as well if needed? What would you like to learn about?

Oh, yes, Auntie knows a great deal about edging… but I’m so surprised YOU have heard of it!

(And I suppose I’ll owe your brother the same treatment when he stays overnight with me… the poor boy is so worried for his brother — and afraid his brother was treated to something he missed out on when we were alone at the hospital…)