"You are the only performer I could think of who could do this successfully and make it actually sound and look realistic."

A Sleepover at Auntie’s Teaches You How to Make a Woman Come—and Come AGAIN


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1 December 2020

I had such a nice day with you both. What fun pizza and a movie is with my two favorite boys! Now, I think your idea of calling up your *mother* to see if she’d mind you sleeping over is a GREAT idea.

What’s that? Of course, I remember what I promised you on your last visit: you can ask me ANYTHING. Anything at all, and I’d be happy to answer. Or show you. Or invite you to feel.

Is that what you’re curious about this time? You’d like to see me nude? I completely understand how strange it is having only seen naked women on the internet; that’s NOTHING like the real thing. Especially to reach out and… touch.

And what a perfect time it may be to teach you how to make a woman FEEL really good, since you’re already gently stroking my furry pussy. Truth be told, I’m getting a bit carried away with my own lessons. Seems like the natural time to show you what it’s like to have sex altogether.

Now, who’s the lucky one whose lap I’m going to bounce away on and who’s going to be caught watching and invited to continue jerking and come all over as you run your fingers over yourself AND my warm skin??