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Auntie Is Going to Teach You Both How to Masturbate—and MORE


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22 September 2020

I’m SO excited about having both of you stay with me all weekend! We’re going to have so much FUN! I haven’t seen my darling nephews in so long, and you’re both so GROWN UP!

Now, who would like to spend time out by the pool to start with? And after that, we’ll be due for a nice afternoon snack, after we dry off.

Now, I hope you won’t give me any trouble, but if one or both of you gets a bit curious… well, you know your Auntie is always here for you to answer your questions… even whatever LESSONS you may need… about being BIG BOYS.

I know you’ll do everything Auntie asks of you, and you know I’ll be sure to make it as fun and memorable as possible.

Now, let’s all go get WET!