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Auntie’s Wet in Her Panties


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19 June 2020

Come here, nephew… I want us to have a little CHAT.  Oh, why do you have to act like you’re scared of your auntie??  Because I’m a bit forward?  Because I have this horrible habit of saying what I MEAN?

Now, tell me the truth: who’s sexier?  Your mother or ME?  Do I have to coax the answer out of you?  Oh, never mind.  That’s not what I really wanted to talk about, that’s just a bonus.  Hee hee.  It’s just… well, why are you so terribly, adorably, SHY, nephew???

What do you have to be shy about?  I mean, it works for you – truly, it does – you’re like a big bundled up mystery I can’t wait to unwrap.  But… I’m betting you have a lot more to be confident about… what’s holding you back?  You can tell Auntie ANYTHING.  TEST ME.  hee hee hee

I’ll tell you, answer, SHOW you anything…  Would you do the same for me???  Well, then, let’s see.

Oh, stop your adorable blushing.  Aren’t you old enough to hear your Auntie speak the truth and tease you and toy with you without you getting all flushed and pink like a little girl?  Well, then, let me teach you a thing or two… we both know your mother isn’t doing it.

Now, first things first: show auntie what you’re packing in your pants.  Oh, COME ON.  I saw it move in there… I KNOW you’re staring at my cleavage.

Show me you’re not so shy… let me teach you a bit of confidence… let Auntie prove to you how you don’t really have anything at all to be shy about… let me make you a man!