"I couldn't believe how good it was. I followed every instruction and couldn't believe how powerful the experience was."

An After Dinner Game of Duck-Duck-Goose


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11 November 2009

I had such a great time with you. Thank you for such a lovely dinner date! Now, I know that particular look in your eye…. What is it that you want? Need I even ask?

No, wait. I have something special in mind. Yes, a little game. Are you up for it? Hee hee hee… it LOOKs like you already are! But we can’t start until you’re completely nude. That’s right. I’m going to sit here in all of my clothing while you strip naked.

Go ahead. I’ll wait… hurry up now. This fur coat is quite warm, and I can’t take it off until we get started. Are you ready for the rules?

Now, make it a GOOD show for me with that beautiful cock of yours, and I’ll reciprocate with a little strip show for you in return…