"I recently brought my first clip from you and was really impressed. You are really gorgeous and a huge turn-on to watch. I can't wait to see more."

We’re Going to Play Grownup Duck-Duck-Goose!


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23 June 2009

You love to play games, don’t you. I know you do! I’m going to teach you a new one: a fun childhood favorite made all grownup and super sexy… It’s time to play!

Now, here are the rules; you must follow them very carefully. There’s no cheating allowed! And you do want to play with me again, don’t you? That’s right… Now, it’s time to have your cock out and all lubed up. Are you ready?

When I say “duck,” I want you to begin stroking your cock nice and slowly… get yourself all turned on, riled up, and ready for more! I’m going to tease and taunt you all along the way. When I say “duck” again, keep up those slow-paced strokes; and prepare for the next order. That’s right! Here comes the fun part!

When I quickly blurt “goose!” I want you to stroke your hard cock as fast as you can: really, really, REALLY FAST! And I’m going to seductively strip out of one piece of my clothing while you do it to keep you rock hard, your heart pounding, and your blood rushing. But you better be listening for “duck” again when it’s time to slow waaaaay down again. It’s all about the tease and temptation, you know.

And when I say and ONLY WHEN I SAY, you must come on demand… and I’ll be completely naked for you.