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We’re Going to Play Duck-Duck-Goose… Together!


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3 January 2017

We’re overdue… for your favorite childhood game turned VERY adult!  And this time, we’re playing TOGETHER.

That’s right.  You’re going to strip right along with me… I love the extra motivation.  As I softly say “duck… duck… duck….”, you’re allowed to stroke your cock.  As soon as I shout “goose!”, you have to STOP.  You’re going to watch me tease and taunt and tell you what to do… as I remove one piece of clothing after the next… and you do the same.

You better be ready to come at a moment’s notice.  You never know when I’m gonna to strip myself of the LAST bit of clothes and appear before you TOTALLY NUDE.  But you better not get tooooooo excited.  Because you’re not allowed to come until I AM nude.  Now… let the game begin!

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