"You love what you do and it shows in each of your videos, which I admire."

The Grownup Duck-Duck-Goose Game: Advanced Edition


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22 August 2009

Oh, you’re coming back for more, are you? Already? Well, I can’t blame you… this game is so much fun! The adult version of your favorite childhood duck-duck-goose game is so very sexy.

Are you ready for a real challenge this time? You know I love to test your stamina and tease and tease and tease you! …and add a few surprises along the way. Oh, we’re going to have so much fun! I’m all dressed up and ready to start. Are you?

And the striptease begins… I’ll get closer and closer to completely nude round after round, invite YOU to get closer and closer for an awesome view, and then countdown to climax with you. Let’s get started!!