"Again, I say, 'Thank you.' I hope that you know that you do bring a ray of sunshine to the lives of us lonely guys."

Always Available for My Overdeveloped Stepson, Even on Our Anniversary


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14 September 2021

It’s all so complicated. All so rough. All so exhausting, demanding, time-consuming, ALL-consuming. I’m a wrecked woman these days – every orifice. I don’t need to describe to you why. Or do I?

It is our anniversary after all, YOU have to remind me. And we barely ever get time for each other – the demands of my new motherhood, for YOUR son, are so extreme. But I’m always here for you, as I am for him.

And I want you to come for me now, my dear husband, in these few quiet moments we have when your son doesn’t need me to be so… motherly. And available. In every way.

I’ll do everything I can to help you get off. I want to; I love you so much. Even while I have to tend to my stepson. Come for me…