"Do i dare say you're getting better and better with every video??"

Auntie Introduces You Both to Role Play with a Naughty Mommy Fantasy


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24 August 2021

Oh, you boys are just too much fun! …my wonderful nephews, growing up so fast. Every time my sister leaves you in my care, we just don’t know WHAT the three of us will get up to! hee hee hee And to think… you actually hesitated before sharing your latest erotic experience with ME, your SPECIAL auntie! You know you can share anything with me – anything at all. We have a very special relationship.

And you two happening to be masturbating when your own mother opens your bedroom door… then you had the wonderful privilege of catching HER enjoying an orgasm when you went to go talk to her… well, that’s nothing at all to be timid or concerned about!

Your mom is SO hot, after all, and I’m sure she was as excited to spot her grown boys masturbating as YOU are now about the idea of joining her in the fun next time.