"I just love the way you take the time to make videos so intimate."

Timid Replacement Secretary Discovers the Tools for a Powerful New Identity


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1 February 2022

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

It was the day to change ALL days: the day my life changed forever. It all began when I walked into that office, just a meaningless temp position, to take over the role of secretary. The former secretary had “vanished,” they claimed. She just never returned to her job. What did that say about what lay ahead for me in the same company… at the same desk?

And I was soooo shy. I just talk a lot when I’m nervous, and I was trying my best to hide how lost I felt. I wanted to make a big impression. When the boss introduced, it was all the more clear. He was a royal dick, the most hands-on, chauvinistic man I’d ever met. He was pawing me on my first day on the job… my first minutes! At first, I didn’t know if he was just clumsy, but then he reached for the buttons on my blouse!! I excused myself and ran away… a few times. I was at my wit’s end, so uncomfortable, feeling so dominated and exploited and ICKY.

I tried to bury myself in the work and started rummaging through the former secretary’s desk. That’s when I found it: a stash of mysterious, shiny things in the top drawer. I couldn’t guess what that former secretary was all about or what kinky things she must’ve been into… at the same time, I was drawn to trying on that golden headpiece myself. I HAD to. And then… then, I began to feel very strange, very different, and all the changes started to happen, one after the other.

I felt a flashing headache and suddenly couldn’t see through my glasses anymore… my muscles strained, my legs lengthened, my body tightened, and my bust bulged! I was suddenly wearing this amazing outfit beneath my conservative clothes… and I was… I became… a woman empowered, a woman with real strength, a woman who could handle anything that came her way. No one was ever going to take advantage of me again, I realized, as I flexed my beautiful biceps and admired my powerful cleavage.

And that’s when the boss walked in again… that golden rope came in handy, so did my sensational bust (it would mesmerize ANY man), and I had him under my thumb in a flash.