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The Ugly Girl in School Gets Revenge on Her Biggest Bully


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18 September 2010

It’s such an ambitious goal…. but she’s desperate. Driven by fear, hatred, and a deep desire for the most wicked revenge, this nerdy girl unfortunately born with terrible genes and no social aptitude has a plan… a plan to completely transform herself from the geeky, plain, snotty little student she is into the most beautiful, seductive, and coveted female body anyone in the entire school has ever seen.

If only her plan would work… if she could just configure the final portion of the formula… if she could at least withstand yet another torturous bout with the biggest bully in school who picks on and taunts her endlessly day after day after day. If this works, if her biggest dream comes true, she’ll be able to change herself right in front of everyone in the bustling crowd at the student union.

Yes, you won’t even recognize her… YOU, the bully who’s teased and taunted her year after year. Her ugliness itself drove you mad but you’ll soon be watching the changes take place before your very eyes… every last gorgeous, seductive detail. And as the tables turn, as SHE, the former nerd, turns her charms on you and teases and beckons, poses and lures, you find yourself changing, changing with absolute lust.

You can’t help it. You’re so turned on. And of course, you’ll whip out your dick right there in public when she encourages you to do so. And you’ll come to… right on her tits. You just can’t control yourself. And she’ll have her ultimate revenge. The smart ones always do.