"No one else can do the things you do. You could make reading out of the phone book sexy."

Using My Feminine Wiles to Save My Business and Win Your Submission


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11 September 2009

I’m not too sure about this meeting… my business is at stake! When the leader of a local religious organization started making public statements about the “danger” my erotic videos and clips stores present to the community, I knew I was in trouble. I took a meeting with this man immediately, even invited him to my own home.

I have to calm him down, show him what I’m really about… wait. Does he keep glancing down at my legs every time I cross and uncross them? No! This conservative, MARRIED man? Hmmm… I might have an advantage in this argument then.

My feminine charm actually works on ALL men! Now, let the games begin! …he doesn’t yet realize what power I hold over him. He’s already MINE.

I’m going to tease him slowly, strongly, AGONIZINGLY. By the end of this little professional meeting, I’ll have teased him mercilessly, seemingly unintentionally, and he’ll be coming for me on my countdown!

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