"Let's face it, the Internet is full of pretty hot women, even if not all of them are quite on your level. What makes you so utterly, totally unique is that you so are so visibly *thinking*."

Body Swapped against My Will!


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28 January 2013

Life is soooo sweet after transforming myself into a hot babe and getting my sexy revenge on every school bully who belittled me. I’m really enjoying being the hottest thing in school… who needs a brain anymore? But I don’t talk about it… and no one knows who I once was… I’m living like a princess… I’m at the top of the coed hierarchy… and I definitely don’t have the time to mingle with lesser people anymore. Why should I?

That includes YOU, by the way. You, some random, ugly looking chick with greasy hair that just wants to bug me. I know what you want… you want to BE me. Who doesn’t? And no, I’ll never admit to you or anyone else that I used to be just like you. I barely remember my past life now… it’s so inconsequential. Oh, but you do know how to win my favor: showing me you know your place by bringing me a nice drink to cool off with. Yes, I could use a slave… I mean, “assistant.”

Now, why do I feel warm and tingly all over… why are you looking at me strange… why does it seem YOU are starting to change before my eyes??! Is that… my mini skirt YOU are wearing? Oh, my god, my clothes!! What is this filth I’m suddenly wearing? I can’t walk in these big clogs!! Wait… my tits are tingling now… no, no, NOOOOO! I can’t lose my boobs!!

No one will like me anymore!! Wait… did you put something in my drink?? Are you swapping your body for mine?!!!! Nooooo! Those are MY tits! Give me back my beautiful breasts! How dare you! Who are you?? Why do you want me to be like YOU again!?!? No, no, NOOOOO!