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You’ve Regressed and Are Wetting the Bed; I’m Going to Completely Retrain You


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2 April 2010

What…. Is that?!?! Oh, my god!!! You wet the bed! See that wet spot that creeped all the way over to my side of the bed?? It soaked my sheets! And my thighs!! How could you?!? I’ve had enough!

You’ve been growing all the more childish lately… whiny and cranky, complaining and whimpering. I’ve had to play momma to you… and try to get those stains off your underwear when I do the laundry! This is the last straw. I can’t take it anymore.

I’m in charge now. I’m taking over… taking over your growing up, that is. You’re going back to the very beginning. I’m going to render you completely incontinent by condemning you to diapers again, to FEEL that wetness and soggy lumpy mess between your legs again, to completely retrain you all over again. I’m going to make sure it’s done right this time.

If you’re going to act like a baby, I’ll certainly indulge you and make sure you’re treated like one in EVERY aspect of your life. Now, here are the new rules for your training process…