"A huge part of what makes you so spectacularly good in your work is how intelligent you obviously are, and how much of your brain you bring to what you do."

Your Domineering Boss Intimidates You into Wetting Your Own Pants


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19 January 2010

It’s her again. Your boss. Sexy as hell and mean as the devil. You’re always a speechless, bumbling idiot in her presence. You couldn’t speak over her even if she gave you the chance. She’s the most dominating woman you’ve ever met.

You can’t tell if she turns you on or completely turns you away. But she just won’t stop. The less you stand up for yourself or refuse to put her in her place, the more she commands over you, calls you name, swears at you, and riles up the whole office so that every single woman seated around your desk is also staring and laughing at you. Beware!

female domination, humiliation, POV, boss, forced wetting, powerful woman, embarrassment, role play, confrontation