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Developing Your Forced Wetting Weakness Through Hypnosis


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21 January 2011

Oh, do you still have that terrible problem? Is that what happened to you today? Did you have an accident in your underwear again? Wet yourself right in public? Oh, my!! You know, I would love to help you, as your very good friend, of course.

I think I might know just how to cure your issue, how to make you stronger and prevent any future wetting accidents. I’ve been studying hypnotherapy; it really is a well respected science, you know. If you’d like, I can use my newly learned techniques on you and we can address your problem head on and ensure you’re never rendered helpless by a woman again! Would you like to try?

All you have to do is allow me to guide you into a beautiful sleep, very restful and relaxed. Then, I’ll erase your problem from your subconscious entirely. Are you ready? (And when you’re out, when you’re completely under my control, I’m going to render you a permanent victim of your weakness and ensure you lose complete control with EVERY woman you see!)