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You’ve Never Been This Hard Before


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3 September 2019

I’m desperate. I’ve lost my contact lens right before my husband and I are going out to dinner with his boss. I can’t SEE anything. Not even with my old glasses I pulled out of a drawer.

FINALLY, my husband walks in, and I beg him to help. Just like him, he’s not really any help at all, just standing over me enjoying the view and my desperation.

Of course, I had to tease him and somehow… well, I can’t even remember how. You know how marriage is. Somehow, things started getting sexy and…

OH MY GOD HIS COCK WAS HARD! I’ve NEVER felt it so hard!! I had to have it. Had to have him. His cock. His cum. ALL OF IT.

And after I nearly choke to death on that strangely, superbly sweet cum…. my husband walks in on us. Yes, you heard me correctly.

It wasn’t my husband’s cock. It was my son’s…