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Forced to Expose My Overdeveloped Stepson’s Condition to the School Nurse


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25 September 2020

A mother’s love knows NO BOUNDS. I don’t have to explain it, and I shouldn’t be asked to. When my stepson needs me, I will do everything in my power to take care of him; it’s my job to protect him and tend to his every need.

It’s a DAILY job… it GROWS more urgent and PAINFUL every time. My body and emotions are definitely taking a beating, but I will go to great lengths to prove to my poor, overdeveloped stepson, burdened with this monstrous condition and physical anomaly, AND his father that I intend to keep this family together – and take in my stepson’s OVERDEVELOPED PENIS – however, whenever, and wherever I must.

Even if it costs me my new part-time job, even if I’m forced to do anything my new boss asks to keep that job, even if we’re forced to share my stepson’s condition with the school nurse, even if the WHOLE SCHOOL hears the painful cries of a mother’s deepest affection for her son…