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I Will ALWAYS Be Here for My Overdeveloped Stepson


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20 August 2019

I’m SO excited about seeing my beloved stepson again!! He’s been away for so long. It’s been… at least two years since he’s lived here at home with his father and I. And now, he’s visiting again and I can’t wait to catch up on all that he’s been up to at college.

Life has been… so calm. He’s cured, you know. He’s actually not had a reoccurrence of his… “condition” since he’s been away from home. It’s miraculous!

Even when his father calls to change our plans and steal me away for a boring business dinner with his potential new boss, I’m looking forward to the weekend with my stepson.

And then… while I’m changing clothes and getting ready, just oiling up my breasts for maximum impact at dinner… well, it happens. IT HAPPENS! ! ! AGAIN!

And I, take my role as stepmother VERY SERIOUSLY.